Brain Injury Touchpoint

Brain Injury Touchpoint is a fantastic resource for brain injury survivors, helping people connect and share their stories so they realise they are not alone.

Dr Lynch, the founder of Brain Injury Touchpoint was approximately 10 years post injury when he was referred to ANT Ltd. The experience of therapy to help his psychological adjustment and vocational rehabilitation revolutionised his life. He regained his confidence helping him realise his potential at work. This led him to want to share his experience and knowledge with other brain injury survivors, to stop them suffering in silence, as he had done for far too long. He had no hope for recovery before therapy with ANT Ltd, and afterwards he wanted to share what had helped him, to help others access the ‘right’ treatment sooner.

The ethos of his website is that knowledge is power. By increasing people’s awareness of brain injury, its consequences, and what can help recovery, he has enabled lots of people to seek treatment, preventing them from the years of suffering he had been exposed to, giving them hope for the future.

Brain Injury Touchpoint has received endorsements on a national and global scale from leading brain injury charities and global corporate brands.

Please explore the website by clicking this link and share your story to help Dr Lynch continue his excellent work in breaking down the barriers to recovery.