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Our ethos

Our individual reputations for high quality patient outcomes brought us together as a collegial partnership in 2007 and since then we have been building interdisciplinary teams to deliver gold standard interventions for individuals, case managers, solicitors, and healthcare providers. 

With more than 14 years of experience delivering independent neuropsychological rehabilitation programmes, Allied Neuro Therapy Ltd has a proven track record as an excellent independent healthcare provider. 

Underpinning all our therapeutic work is a commitment to supporting each patient to achieve holistic, sustainable improvements in health and wellbeing. We tailor every aspect of our work to the needs of the individual: selecting the clinicians, interventions and tools used to the person, their circumstances and values, drawing on evidence-based approaches and clinical experience. 

Closely coordinated interdisciplinary working towards defined goals is the foundation of the comprehensive holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation approach we use. Our long-established relationships with our medical and therapy partners fosters effective and efficient collaboration towards meaningful, valued change.

Clients & Patients

What you want is at the centre of everything we do.

Many people who contact us are going through a challenging time in their life, often following an injury or diagnosis with a new health condition, and are looking for help to improve or manage the difficulties they face. It might be the first time you have sought therapy or professional support; or perhaps you have had input before but are now looking for a new approach or to work on new goals. 

We begin by talking with you and those who know you well about what is happening for you right now.  We select the clinicians with the right personality fit for you, and with the necessary skills and experience for your needs. Together, you will agree the best way to work towards your aspirations and goals.

Case Managers & Clinicians

All our clinicians are experienced in their fields, and used to working collaboratively within teams to deliver goal-focused, evidence-based interventions that meet the needs of each client. There is no ‘one size fits all’. Every client is unique and we work with you to choose the clinicians that best fit your client’s needs.  

Communication is key to the effectiveness of rehabilitation. Many case managers chose our clinicians to act as the ‘clinical lead’ to their interdisciplinary teams, recognising the value that this brings to the effectiveness of the team and outcomes achieved. Having worked in medicolegal rehabilitation settings for many years, we understand the importance of clearly documented goals, timely reports, and clinical records that evidence the progress being made.


We are committed to the provision of high quality, rigorous and independent opinion to the Court. As experienced experts, we understand the importance of maintaining up to date specialist knowledge in our clinical fields and key judgements affecting our work. 

Working directly with both defendant and claimant representation, we believe that transparent, clear communication, defined expertise, and responsive service is key to provision of effective medicolegal opinion.