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Consultancy & training

Teaching & training

Developing others is central to our ethos. We begin by understanding the needs of the audience or participants, before developing bespoke teaching and training sessions that speak directly to the skills or knowledge that is sought. 

In our therapy and rehabilitation work, examples of sessions we are frequently asked to develop and deliver include:

  • interdisciplinary formulation or skills-based sessions aimed at enabling support workers around a client to deliver effective rehabilitation;
  • teaching on specific models or interventions (e.g., EBMA, motivational interviewing, behaviour management, goal-setting);
  • reflective practice for interdisciplinary working.

Within wider medico-legal contexts, we frequently provide training or resources to support services, organisations or law firms to better understand the physical, cognitive, communication or mental health needs their clients may experience, and the most effective ways to work with these. We are regularly invited to provide teaching and training regarding expert witness work, including at national conferences and professional development events.  

In accordance with our values, we also offer teaching and training sessions to university-based training courses enabling new colleagues to join our field. 

Examples of just some of the sessions we have offered can be found in our teaching and training page.

Developing the clinical leaders of the future, drawing on supervision and training from Prof Barbara Wilson OBE and many more

Clinical supervision

All our clinicians are committed to continuously developing and improving their practice. In accordance with professional practice guidelines, all our clinical psychologists/clinical neuropsychologists are provided with supervision from a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist  in their work with clients and services. Supervisors all appear on the Register of Applied Psychological Practice Supervision, maintained by the British Psychological Society, and hold a range of expertise in different psychological models.   

We also offer clinical supervision to other clinical psychologists and clinical neuropsychologists, including those seeking to work towards professional accreditation in neuropsychology (i.e., entry onto the Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists, maintained by the British Psychological Society).  We welcome contact from anyone seeking supervision for this purpose as part of our commitment to developing expertise amongst all practitioners in this field. 

We provide mentorship to experienced Clinical Neuropsychologists seeking to further develop their practice as expert witnesses within civil litigation and the Court of Protection, recognising that many excellent clinicians will benefit from guidance on process when applying their skills into this context. 

We also offer reflective supervision for medical and therapy colleagues seeking to develop psychologically-informed ways of working in their clinical work. This may be an ongoing part of their clinical and professional development, or a defined piece of work reflecting on or debriefing following challenging or distressing issues encountered during clinical care or therapies. 

Clinical supervision can be arranged face-to-face, via telephone or video consultation, according to preference and availability.


Organisational partnerships & consultancy

ANT Ltd has a wide portfolio of projects where the company’s reputation for excellence has resulted in requests to provide organisational development and change consultancy, or to directly deliver services on behalf of other companies. We are passionate about our work with other organisations, as it enables us to embed our ethos of gold-standard interdisciplinary interventions in the wider health and social care sector. ANT Ltd is always happy to enable other healthcare providers to deliver outstanding care, treatment and/or interdisciplinary rehabilitation.  

Projects have included: 

  • Service level agreements to set-up and provide interdisciplinary rehabilitation for new and established healthcare providers, assisting them over time to recruit and govern their own staff to the same gold-standards that are associated with ANT Ltd.  
  • Advice regarding service re-design and delivery of training to implement behavioural management approaches into large groups of specialist private care home providers. For example, teaching organisations to deliver outstanding care through the use of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) or our Empowerment Behavioural Management Approach (EBMA).  
  • Delivery of clinical leadership, supervision and team reflective practice for complex community based care packages funded by public (i.e. NHS Continuing Healthcare) and/or private sector healthcare providers.  
  • Service level agreements with Occupational Health Companies to provide consultation on cases requiring neurological vocational rehabilitation.  

If you have a service development project you would like to discuss, please do contact us to arrange a consultation to see if we can assist you in delivering great quality care and rehabilitation.